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I am a small select kennel striving to produce quality dogs of sound body & mind, that are also true to type.  I only breed 1 to 2 litters per year, when new show prospects are required.   ZATINI replaced the original ESSNTEE prefix after a divorce in 2007.



How It All Started

My dear grandmother; who I miss immensely, always had Chihuahuas in her home from when I was a little girl, so my love of this breed began from a very early age. My first few chihuahuas were obtained while I was still living at home.

After quite some years, a marriage and showing and breeding horses for over 15 years, I got the bug to try dog showing. My best friend in high school had a Weimaraner male, who was a stunning dog, so my first introduction to showing dogs was with a Wei bitch in 1999. Still having a love for the Wei breed, I progressed on to Whippets in 2002, producing my first whippet litter in 2003. I purchased our first show quality Chihuahua bitch for my daughter in 2005, who has since gained the dog showing bug and is my devoted offsider and well lets just say, there's no looking back.

I am totally devoted and passionate about the breeds I have here at Zatini and hope to leave a positive input to the betterment of the breeds we are involved in.

Zatini dogs are raised and maintained with Pro Plan.